Friday Faff

Last night we had a few extra hands to make our Faff happen. Truly, truly, 8 hands are better than 2 when it comes to pizza.

Our friends the Linguist and the Trader kindly hosted us for conversation and competition over pizza and games.

The Linguist has a bread maker (I think I need to get me one of those) which made us the most delicious crust we’ve had in our 2.5 years in this country.

But let’s face it, after getting the crust more or less right, it’s all about the toppings.

The Trader certainly proved his worth with some showy knife-work on some peppers, and he piled the veggies high while we waited in anticipation for the dough.

We set about marking our territory before getting to work on our corner of the pie.

Peppers, courgette, baby corn, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar, spinach, salami, chorizo, chicken…sister, we had it all.

This pizza was so good, we spent most of today remembering it.

And for the record, the Linguist and I won! But we really hate to boast.


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