In Eynsham

In our first proper trip to Eynsham, a village north of Oxford, we got up close and personal to a Siemens factory by accident.

We were looking for a scenic country walk, and somehow ended up on a path that skirted the walls of the Siemens manufacturing plant.

It was indeed picturesque, if we looked only to the right, ignoring the steel machinery behind metal fences marked “KEEP OUT” two inches to our left.

The Philosopher’s parents + friends are staying in Eynsham until tomorrow (they promise us they didn’t pick the place because of its proximity to Siemens, but we’re not so sure), and on Sunday they invited us round to their little rental in the countryside…

…which turned out to be more manor-house than little rental.


The gorgeous exterior is matched by an equally decadent interior, complete with delicate floral walls, high ceilings, chandeliers, and at least three fireplaces!

We did question the half-gravestone perched in the front garden, however. A subtle reminder of mortality, amidst such a glorious setting?


The moon was high in the sky as we set off for a stroll.










Thank you to these 4 lovely people for keeping us company this week. We have enjoyed every minute with you! (And, for the record, we will gladly visit industrial factories with you any day of the week).


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