Dear Santa/New Year’s Fairy

Dear Santa/New Year’s Fairy,

I already have everything I need. [There’s that sweater from H&M I’ve been eyeing, sure. Let’s talk again when the January sales hit.] As I sit down to write this letter to the North Pole – N.Y. Fairy, I need your address, by the way – I’m a little overwhelmed by how many things are already checked off my Life Wish List.

…I get along really well with my roommate, and a few years ago he said he’d stick with me for life. Never having to find a roommate again? Fist pump.

…My boss is pretty cool. Want proof? Check out my Christmas card from him.


…I got to travel the world this year to the most exotic locations: Texas, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lexington, and the Lake District. The flora and fauna were indeed exquisite.

…Since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be the leading lady in a Rodgers and Hammerstein show. Tick!

…My hair is long. I didn’t think I could do it. It has only taken me 27 years to achieve below-the-shoulder status, and I couldn’t be prouder of those hard-working little follicles.

But all this good stuff has left my feet floating a few inches off the ground. And I think I need to press the reset button as January draws near. There are a number of areas which would earn a firm “needs improvement” on my Life Report Card [the Life Wish List’s evil stepsister whom one pretends not to know in public places].

So, herewith enclosed, is the list of things I’d like to work on this year. Let’s not call them resolutions. Let’s simply call them… “Things I’m Not Very Good at and Could Possibly Change Given Enough Time and Willpower.” It sort of rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?

Things I’m Not Very Good at etc.:

– seeing in the dark
– tolerating cold (or heat, come to think of it)
– not looking at myself if a mirror presents itself
– being alone
– not losing my keys/hat/gloves
– “relaxing”
– waiting
– not buying cheap clothes
– seeing the silver lining
– doing anything slowly
– eating chocolate (more than one bite slays me)
– baking “just for fun”
– abstract thinking
– repetition of anything (meals, tasks, you know)
– saying no to one more tortilla chip
– doing anything the hard way, even if it’s the better way
– being content
– exercising hard enough to work up a sweat: i.e. I am a lazy bum
– having patience with the kettle when it’s boiling

So, what do you think? Can either of you help? Is there hope for change in 2015?!

Yours truly and with gratitude,


9 thoughts on “Dear Santa/New Year’s Fairy

  1. there’s aaaaaalways hope for change! 😉 think a lot of people are with you on this list! (waiting for kettle= sooo hard! also seeing the silver lining, esp. when that requires waiting too…) are there any videos of our leading lady in action?? pleeeeease?!

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