An unusual venue

One of my very first posts was about having a business meeting in an airport cafe.

Well, true confessions: sometimes I go there just for fun.

Sometimes, I go there just for the thrill of eating badly re-heated, overpriced food.

Sometimes, the pull of the M40 motorway roaring in the East is just too much for me to resist on a rainy Wednesday evening.

What can I say? I’m hooked on Heathrow.

Indeed, for those of you who haven’t cottoned on yet, last night the Philosopher and I took a trip to the airport (about an hour away) to meet a friend for dinner. All joking aside, the drive to Heathrow from Oxford can be stunningly beautiful at times, through the rolling English countryside. We watched a violent rainstorm move in over the hills before huge pellets of rain finally reached us. I love it when you can see rain falling in the distance. It looks as if the clouds are bleeding. 

Food excepted, we had a great time with an old friend (he is young, it should be said, but the friendship is not) at the not-so-posh Windsor Restaurant in Terminal 4. Bangers were eaten, mash played with on the plate, and a twenty-four hour news channel reported the same five stories continuously for three hours while we caught on up life’s big questions.

We left buzzing.

You should give it a try! Eating at your local airport really is the bee’s knees nowadays. Everyone’s doing it.


3 thoughts on “An unusual venue

  1. The bee’s knees? When I was a little kid (circa 1950’s) we’d sometimes go to National Airport near D.C. on a Sunday afternoon just to watch the planes take off and land. We didn’t know anyone who’d ever really flown–only rich, exotic people ever actually did that–and we never got anything to eat there. Sad story, eh?

  2. Just to clarify: it was the Windsor Castle Restaurant & Bar in Terminal 4. Classy joint. I got the mini-pie platter, which was enough mediocre food for 3 or 4 people to enjoy. That, combined with the great conversation, made my night.

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