1) At risk of sounding like the wimp that I am… I really hate cycling in the rain. Nothing’s worse than arriving at the office looking like a river rat and then having to sit in wet jeans for the next five hours. Wet jeans are the worst (except for maybe turtlenecks. Or other pressing global issues.).river rat

2) Baby bok choi: it exists and it’s otherworldly. Just looking at this picture The Violinist sent me gives me the shivers. Though that could be caused by my wet jeans, come to think of it.


3) Runaway grapes! Our neighbor is an extraordinary gardener and she has bred some very robust grapes this year. They have crept over our fence and are languishing on the vine – hundreds of them. Suggestions welcome. But please note: grape jam is disgusting and I will not entertain the mere thought of making any.


4) Our light shades throw geometric shapes onto the ceiling and walls. It’s mostly cool and a little bit weird.

light patterns

5) I love my new morning Saturday tradition – fresh pain au chocolat stuffed with raspberry jam!! Tesco’s finest, baby. And accompanied by weak tea, apparently – though I am taking your suggestions to heart. Our poll shows a 3 minute brew with 2% milk is as close to “normal” as it gets.


6) Remember our Indian summer, Oxfordians? Lest you forget, with all this rain… it happened. 2 weeks ago.


7) Finally, this poster really tickled me. But it worked – I did visit the website. Which tickled me only slightly less than the poster.

love story


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