On my last day of work, I headed to the library to grab a couple books for the 10 day vacation ahead of me. I may have overshot my mark a bit.


Speaking of books, this one was not as good as the title would suggest.


A newish card store in town blows Schmhallmark out of the water… Happy New Year cards for colleagues? Check.

cardsThe Phil. and I are fondly remembering good times with this guy and the Violinist (hand model below) a mere month ago. Settlers binge! Followed and preceded by chocolate binge, of course.


Speaking of binges, we may have overdosed this past weekend on Dominion with this lovely lady, who, it turns out, dominates at Dominion. Her secret weapon: gardens. Confused? Congratulations – you’re not a geek.


Funny story: one day the Philosopher was cycling home, and while stopped at a red light a beautiful woman leaned out of a van and gave him a dozen Krispy Kremes. He thought he’d died and gone to heaven. I, on the other hand, was reminded of how little I enjoy doughnuts, and how much I enjoy hats.


While celebrating the Phil’s birthday with burgers, we were both disturbed by the lack of logic in the statement below… I guess by “too much is never enough”, the menu writers mean “too much is more than enough, and thus never simply “enough”?” OR, they are just not very bright.


It’s been really cold. I almost can’t deal. But winter trees have a sort of violent beauty that deserves admiration. I think the reflection is more beautiful than the real thing.


But the cold brings the sunshine! It flooded Broad Street on Sunday. Though the temperature was below freezing, the sun warmed our faces as we hurried around town wrapped up in hats and scarves.

broad st

And that’s it, lately.

More fun coming in the form of Somerset this weekend… we’re totally gonna gorge on Cheddar (Brits – get it?!).

I think Schmhallmark should hire me to write not-funny greeting cards.


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