On Bin Bags

After the great tea debate of last week, I feel like I’m airing my dirty laundry all over the world wide webernet. And I have to say, the feeling’s addictive.

So here’s another confession.

I don’t know how to buy bin bags (trash bags, bin liners, garbage sleeves, you know…). They’re too small, or they’re too industrial, or I get the ones with handles that keep flipping over into the trash which makes retrieving them a task performed at great personal peril.

Here’s my bin.



Here’s me and my bin, (for size reference, natch).


Here is an assortment of bin bags I’ve purchased over the last five years.

(For reference, that last one is called “tall and chunky bin liners”, which is wonderfully descriptive, don’t you think? Didn’t work for my bin though.)


You can see from the pictures how overdressed my bin currently is. My most recent bin bag purchase folds completely over it, which besides being a waste of plastic makes the bin look quite sad, I think. Like a kid who didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t a costume party, and came as Count Dracula. And then the other kids shunned him. Possibly taking the metaphor too far at this point.

I need help. Do I have a swing bin or a dustbin? Tie handle or drawstring? How many liters equates to size “medium”?!

And yes, in case you were wondering, I will be accepting bin liners in lieu of Christmas presents this year.


6 thoughts on “On Bin Bags

  1. Definitely NOT a swing bin – the lid always gets disgusting.
    Drawstring is the way to go, where the “strings” are hidden in the top of the bag, so no exposure to rubbish. With that teensy bin, 50L might just be overkill:)

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