Just another free spirit stuck in the 9 to 5 life… I started this blog in response to the worthy challenge to “find something interesting to do” instead of “complaining all the time.”

I live in beautiful Oxford, United Kingdom, but am a transplant from across the ocean, along with my husband The Philosopher and kid sister the Bakestress. They are wonderful, even though the Bakestress left us in December 2011, something we’ve only just forgiven her for. The Philosopher and I are still climbing the learning curve on our way to living like true natives. We now drink milky tea, hand-wash dishes, and our clothes obligingly take an average of two days to dry on the line. I’d say we’re 50% there. But if anyone wants to by me a dishwasher, I would not object, even in the name of reaching 100% assimilation.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. If you learn to love our ‘customer service’, always introduce yourself to a stranger with a comment about the weather, and say ‘sorry’ even when it’s not your fault, or you trip up on the pavement (yup, apologise to a pavement), you might be nearing the 100% mark!

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