The Grass Really IS Greener

Granted, we’ve only been on “the other side” of the thesis for about 24 hours, so I may not be best positioned to comment at this juncture.

But I have to say, the grass is looking pretty verdant so far.


All 225 pages of thesis are contained within that unassuming volume, representing 4 years of hauling books back and forth from the library, approximately 7300 hours philosophizing in an easy chair, and countless cappuccinos. No wonder the man looks gaunt and pale. Though that may just be his natural state – the pale part, certainly.


There was only one thing appropriate after such a feat: burgers. Surprisingly, they had a menu picked out just for Pete! (Unsurprisingly, he declined.)


One cheeseburger with fries later, he was smiling again.


We thought Baby would be smiling too after all that delicious food – but we’re pretty sure all it can do so far is bounce on mama’s bladder and cause excessive sleepiness by 10pm.


Burgers were followed by a movie, was followed by 10 hours of sleep, was followed by a supercharged Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body! workout (the proof  is in the pudding, folks), was followed by several hours of high-paced chatter about everything from visual-spatial learning to lotteries to Aston Villa. It seems we had a lot of useless things to catch up on after so many weeks of intense thesis-focus. It’s funny what random things your brain will store – for weeks – for conversation with the one you love.

It’s good to have my buddy back!





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