More Please…Tuesdays.



1) Tesco has really ramped up their gourmet chocolate range. It tastes amazing… but I’m not ashamed to admit that I bought it because of the packaging. More please.




20140913_1221162) Spiders. Everywhere. Gigantic. Whoa. You should see the amazing webs they make between our two sideview mirrors and our car doors. We had twin spiders there for a while, one on each side, dueling it out for the most massive web. I say “for a while” because my patience only lasted until they invited themselves inside for, I can only presume, a cuddle. The Phil found one crawling up my shoulder this morning. Shiver. [not a true more-please, but… you know. there’s more of ’em.]


20140818_2031063) My new packing technique: infographic! I was very proud of my August holiday suitcase: I almost packed everything I needed thanks to planning ahead with this little sketch. I don’t think this worked with the Philosopher’s brain because when I handed it to him [I often bring him on to consult on my packing situations since it’s a breeze for him and a nightmare for me], he ran a hand through his hair and was all like… “I can’t work with this.”

article-0-1EA25FDC00000578-596_308x4254) New coke. Terrible name. I bought it because it’s green. I drank it because I bought it. I gave the rest of it to my co-worker because… it tasted too much like red coke. #iraisedmeondietcoke ? That said, I do love a good taste test. More please.




5) Cribbage is not an interesting game. I played it lots when I was younger, and so my memories of it were rosy and sweet. I convinced the Phil we should own a board. We’ve played it a few times in the last week. Let’s just say: turns out I had a sheltered childhood.


6) I loved my anniversary card this year. Never heard of these guys (I guess they’re *not* One Direction?), but the Philosopher sure knows how to pick the funniest cards in the shop. He even signed his name along with theirs (first name only signatures are very in right now, apparently) on the inside. What a guy. Also, I felt a little stupid because it was only hours later that I figured out what Union J must stand for.





7) The most delicious piece of red velvet cake you’ve tasted, for only £2.50. Between 2 of us we couldn’t finish it. More please.


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