It just gets better

You know the old saying. There are two sides to every coin. Or, every cloud has a silver lining. Or, a glass half empty is a glass half full. (Reverse that if you have pessimistic leanings like I do).

The Philosopher and I landed in London at 6:30am last Thursday morning, and are still fighting the suffocating blanket of jetlag every morning. As I gulped down some caffeine today at 8:30 trying desperately to keep my eyes open, he turned to me and said, “Jet lag is ridiculous. It makes no sense! We got plenty of sleep last night!”

“I know,” I croaked. “It seems like each year it just gets harder.”

That phrase has been said a hundred ways in the last few days. Coming back to the UK – it just gets harder. Leaving our precious families behind – it just gets harder. Taking off in blazing sunshine and landing in dense fog – it just gets harder.

We’ve proposed various hypotheses for this phenomenon. Perhaps as we age, our adventurous spirit declines and family becomes more important to us. Or maybe the 5 years of damp/cold/cloud/eternal allergies have simply worn our patience thin.

But I think the caffeine this morning has brought a little mental clarity. So herewith I propose hypothesis #3:  it just gets harder because each trip to the US just gets better.

[See how I did that? That little optimist’s inversion? I’m growing.]

I didn’t bring my camera [idiot] so have only a few pictures from our two week trip. Highlights included:

– Mini golfing with my family in which I (if you’ve seen me golf/bowl/play any precision sport you may not believe this) SCORED A HOLE-IN-ONE!!! and then lost. By a lot.



photo 3

photo 1

My long-suffering spouse had to deal with a lot of unwanted coaching from his wife.

– Visiting old friends along the East Coast, including Jacques, who always photo-documents everything so well. Also: Tina, Alyssa, Rachel, Andrew, Enna, Greg, Jane, Nathan, Grace… it was so great to see you! We love you all.

Aviary Photo_130545051449067936

– Eating. Lots. And cheaply. The Phil. is going to object to me posting this questionable picture of him. But Pete’s Apizza in D.C. was amazing!

Aviary Photo_130545051965767550

– Watching The Phil’s younger brother get hitched. True to his MWG epithet, One Classy Dude’s wedding was, well, classy. Too jetlagged to think of a synonym.

– Ice cream, Boston-sized, many times. And a little dip into froyo-land on our last day too. The Chocoholic makes every ice cream outing a fun one.

photo (4)


– Discovering what mini-sieves are really for.

photo (5)

– Costco runs that include $20 fleece-lined jackets and $1 hotdogs. Oh, and did I mention unlimited refills?!

photo (6)

– Going peach-picking for the first time, even though all the perfectly good ground peaches left to rot made me sad.  I proposed a Peach Rescue Charity but weirdly no one else thought it was a good idea.

– Seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains for the first time.

– Being in my nephew’s good books, surprisingly, and especially making a no-tickle pact with him that was strictly obeyed on both sides.

– Dancing with the Philosopher at the wedding, and remembering long-forgotten CEROC moves to the tune of Katy Perry’s firework song.

Aviary Photo_130545051092938409

Thank you friends, family, and American summers. You all just keep getting better.

5 thoughts on “It just gets better

  1. Wise beyond your years “Modern Working Girl”! Not meaning older makes wiser necessary but something you see inspires !!!

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