5 Years Fresh: An Anniversary

On August 15, 2009, one future philosopher agreed to stay with me no matter what. This partnership of ours turns 5 years old today — but, to be honest, 5 years fresh feels like a better turn of phrase.

Food goes moldy when it gets old. Faces go wrinkly. Homes go creaky. Clothes,  frayed. My baseboards? Dusty (ahem!).

Not so with us.

Love grows stronger. Trust grows deeper. Laughter — louder. Words mean more, though we have to say less. It doesn’t feel old. It feels fresh.

From our first year (2007! talk about old), before I made him toss the root beer shirt…

To looking new love in the eyes…

To beachside engagements in a frigid Boston June…

And a shotgun (but not really) wedding 2 months later…

To our first home in England, where it was so cold that we had to wear hats inside

Through one Masters graduation (bring on the PhD!)…

And multiple fun visits home…

To today, our 5 years fresh anniversary. Go ahead, say it. We don’t look a day over 22.


Ach, it’s a good life with you, Peter, it’s a good life.

8 thoughts on “5 Years Fresh: An Anniversary

  1. Congratulations, its a milestone today……………….wishing you many, many more happy, healthy, blessed years. A Warm Hug, Sandy Sparrow

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