Dog Days

Our “heatwave” has broken, and autumn winds are rolling in — though the Philosopher tells me that they are just previewing the ex-hurricane about to hit our fair shores. He’s a BBC weather nut, so I tend to believe him. I love that the weather people are taking special delight in calling it an ex-hurricane — which must be, in layman’s terms, a rainstorm.

Before the weather turned on Friday, we took a summer evening walk into the fields near our home.

This guy blocked our path and when I tried to snap his picture from multiple angles, he kept turning his head to show me his profile. Cats are so fickle prissy regal.

walk9 walk10









Even with an ex-hurricane en route, it still feels like the dog days of summer to me when the light looks like this.


9 thoughts on “Dog Days

  1. Such beautiful pictures and such a lovely area, you guys look so relaxed and happy. Keep enjoying these dog days of summer.

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