Things I Dig

Do people still say that they “dig” stuff? What is the etymology of that phrase anyway… seems like you would dig stuff you don’t like — dig a hole to bury the nasties, etc. If you know: enlighten me.

Anyway, these days, I dig:

yellow41) Summer. It’s been real, folks, like 80 degrees real. While some Britons may be on the fence about a summer heatwave, I am not. I leapt off the fence with joy when it started back in June and have been doing a happy dance on the other side ever since. So much joy from the sun and summer’s freedom makes me think about experiencing that kind of joy – and freedom – from the Son as well. The happy dance kind.

2) Alan Bradley, Aminatta Forna, and Jennifer Egan. An eclectic trio of authors, but one I can whole-heartedly recommend as a well-matched meal. Bradley’s hilarious mystery novels centred around budding 11-year-old chemist Flavia de Luce are a perfect light first course – a summer salad full of cucumber and feta, perhaps. Thanks to the Violinist (who incidentally makes a mean salad) for recommending The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. Forna’s The Hired Man is a lyrical piece of near-poetry that walks us through one man’s emotional reckoning with his memories of war in 1990s Croatia. Definitely a slow-cooker lamb main dish, heavily scented with cinnamon and cardamom. Dessert is a tart, springy key lime pie from Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Good Squad, which really defies explanation… except that if you like sour desserts, I imagine you will enjoy her biting, riotous Pulitzer Prize winning work.


3) Evenings in and evenings out with my handsome dan. We are 5 years yoked next weekend! He’s more than just The Philosopher, you know. He’s a faithful friend, a persistent truth-seeker, a closet comedian, occasional fashion icon… I could go on, but I feel sorry for all the other women in the world who missed out and don’t want to increase their (already rampant) jealousy.


1% BHA Gel4) Paula’s Choice. Skincare is a joke for those people who managed to outgrow acne at age 7 and have never had a red flaky nose in their entire life. For me? No such joke, sadly. But things have been looking up since I discovered PC (and have converted The Bakestress, Violinist and Philosopher to boot!). The Philosopher sagely noted the other day – with cheer rather than disappointment, I hope – that I am not a girly-girl type. My sorry shoe+makeup collections confirm his assessment. However, I really must rave about these products which have helped my volatile skin — and maybe yours. Paula’s got something for everyone. I especially recommend:

  • BHA leave-on exfoliant for redness, blackheads, dull skin; morning and night
  • Overnight serum for brightening skin, healing scars, preventing breakouts (this is a wow product)
  • SPF moisturizer, winter I use this in drier weather for sun protection that doubles as moisturizer, wrinkle-preventer, soft-skin-imparter… the compound nouns could go on and on.
  • SPF moisturizer, summer This is the summer version of the above, for more humid weather or breakout-prone skin.

The Bakestress can corroborate in a comment her thoughts on PC (pretty please?) but suffice it to say if you’ve got skin woes of any kinds (redness, breakouts, blackheads, dryness, oiliness, fine lines…) you should check Paula’s stuff out. She does cheap samples of almost everything to let you try it out. I think you get some kind of discount if you use this Refer-A-Friend link from me:

What are you loving these days?


5 thoughts on “Things I Dig

  1. I’m not exactly sure I’m a “convert” to Paula’s Choice, but oh well, a little creative license in an autobiographical blog never hurt anyone, I suppose…

  2. I definitely dig PC too! The BHA formula and any of the Resist stuff is so smooth. I may or may not have a continuous stash of samples piled up.

  3. I noticed you read one book about Croatia. Another beautiful terrible story about that part of the world I think you guys have. Island of the world. I sobbed but well worth sticking it out


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