The R.A.R (and photo-tripping)

The Philosopher and I have never been on a roadtrip together.

Sure, we’ve driven around the UK a bit, but that just about covers the distance between Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

I’m talking about a Real American Roadtrip.

It’s funny that we’ve never done so, because road-tripping is a bit of a family tradition on both sides. The Phil’s mother (Lactation Guru, lest you’ve forgotten her epithet) regularly drives from Virginia to Cape Cod in a weekend, which can take 8-10 hours there and 8-10 hours back.*

My parents, the Chocoholic and Violinist, have been roadtripping since their motorbiking days of youth. And when they became American citizens a few years back, they started taking the Real American Roadtrip very, very, seriously. This is their second  third?! year of RAR, in fact.

The best part is that we get to experience a bit of it alongside them through what has become a new family tradition, which could be called, I suppose, photo-tripping.


The name needs work.

Regardless, the concept is that the roadtrippers don’t tell us where they are going, but drop photo clues along the way asking us to guess where they are.

Sometimes this task is easier, as with this iconic view from Utah (Canyonlands).


Other times we are left scratching our heads. Surely one stadium viewed from the highway is like 1000 others!


But we look forward to this tradition every July, even if it does make us feel a little envious (and dumb, for how little we know our birth country, by sight anyway). We are slightly helped by the fact that every year now they’ve been drawn like a moth to the same place: the glorious Rocky Mountains! My dad jokes about holing up in a cabin in Colorado in retirement, and one of these days I think they just might do it.

Here are a few highlights:

This one was for me – ice cream lover to my deathbed – though this takes it too far.


And can you guess who this store reminded them of?


The Chocoholic gleaning leadership skills from one of the greats.


The hills are alive!


One of my favorite spots on the planet (or so I believed when I visited there as a teenager): Glacier National Park.


Thanks, Choc and Viol, for keeping us in the picture!**


*this is not a hobby of hers, I should add

**poor near-pun, I know. Forgive me.

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