More Please Mondays

Do you ever have those seasons that go from zero to 60mph all of a sudden, leaving you holding on for dear life in the back seat?

No? Really?!

Just me then.

Because of my list/calendar planning obsession, I can usually see this kind of thing coming a mile off. But for reasons that are wholly wonderful, this season took me by surprise. And it’s all about the music, baby.

I’m singing duets in a friend’s recital at the end of July (Oxford people: 24th July at Jesus College!) which is going to be amazing: Bach, Schumann and Purcell never leave you wanting.

I’m helping with the music for a wedding at the end of July, which is a total blast: arranging pop songs for a 6 piece band is so much fun, but picking just 20 out of the whole popular music canon is hard! Never mind trying to learn them all. Lots of pop song verses are eerily similar…

And then the biggest surprise of all, for me anyway: I found out this week that I have the honor of playing Julie Jordan in Oxford Operatic’s Carousel this autumn. So apart from rehearsals for that, I am greedily pouring over the shiny new script in any free time I’ve got!

I guess that’s my way of saying: thing may be sparse on this ole space for a while. But picture me happily singing my way through each week, falling into bed each night saying with a smile: more please.

And because this is a Monday, let me leave you with these:

1. Can you spot the misspelling here? When it comes to Brazil vs. Chili, I’m just not sure how you measure that kind of contest…


2) Speaking of football, there’s been a lot of this going on in our house recently. I love it (not the diving, though, or watching Brazil play nasty). Also, please don’t be fooled by this picture. The Philosopher has been ANYTHING BUT CALM. More please.

world cup

3) A double whammy: the sun has been shining (1) and we’ve been eating fresh summer foods, like this delicious eggplant parm (2) with basil from our “herb garden” — or lone basil plant by the window. More please.


4) C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien had it right. Oxford really is a magical place. You can walk from the university parks right into Mesopotamia! No wardrobe required.


5) The Philosopher bought us some cola to share on a recent road trip. He told me he tried to find our names but this was the best he could do. Whaaaat?


6) Mama’s Big Band serenaded us on a hot Wednesday afternoon recently. Best street performers I’ve seen in a while. Oh, and another cool thing? There are 7 men and 1 woman, and guess who plays the tuba…? Girl power. More please.


7) I’m not a big chocolate fan, but somehow this innocent little packet of goodness creeps onto my to-do list at work every single day – literally onto it. So, naturally, I obey. More please!



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