June busted out all over and I feel like I almost missed it! We were busy having fun with Peter’s brother + family  – and let me tell you, we learned that having a four-year-old around keeps you busy indeed. In the most wonderful and refreshing way.

We cycled around Cambridge… (well, 4 out of the 5 of us did. This little guy hitched a ride from his pop and tried to learn how to give a thumbs up).


Punting was a definite highlight for all. The Rev 2.0 bravely took the helm as we battled the rapids on the River Thames. (And when I say rapids, I really mean the riverbanks/trees/other boats). We are all doing our “intrepid explorer” faces in this one…


We lost out to the occasional bush here or there… Junior yelled for help but the rest of us were in stitches of laughter.


It was wonderful to catch up with them on our home turf, and I especially enjoyed watching the Philosopher bond with Junior. This often seemed to involve the Philosopher getting grabbed, strangled, and wrestled, it should be said. You know, the standard methods of bonding employed by young children!





Don’t stay away for long, Texas Forrests!



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