Oxford Live!: Street Acts

Oxford has a fairly robust busking scene – busking being a term applied loosely on our hometown streets. When I walk around during my lunch break, within a space of 5 minutes I can take in some live saxophone, opera, sidewalk art (or, occasionally, live watercolouring!), fake statues… and more.

Here are some of my favourite acts, all snapped on a day or two in Oxford.

This sand sculptor is amazing – check out what he made using just wet sand and a knife!

sand sculpt


This young gymnast astounds and frightens me.  I think it’s funny that she often contorts to the piped tones of Celine Dion.


This guy (or maybe very tall woman) is one of the oddest acts on the block… He doesn’t say or do anything except wave and bicycle. For hours.


This trio is a lot of fun. They do old fashioned Elvis Presley era rock and roll. I imagine they are a family that has been jamming together for years, since before the son could hold up a bass.


This cowboy is a hoot. He plays shrieking electric along to a tape, and always brings his wife/groupie who tries to sell CDs. The highlight to me is the sun-brella, which is Oxford is basically never needed!



4 thoughts on “Oxford Live!: Street Acts

  1. i remember that bunny too! strange, but definitely memorable! have you ever been to the revere beach sandcastle competition? that sand art is amazing!

  2. Do you have the contact details of the Sand artist? I make a documentary about Oxford Street and would like to talk to him. Thanks,

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