More Please Mondays

1. Ah, England in the summer. There is nothing like it. When the sun is shining, the greenness is almost blinding in its brilliance. More please!




2. Long wilderness walks fuelled by peanut butter balls: more please! (wilderness walks optional)




3. I pass this book in Jamie Oliver’s restaurant window most days, and even now it brings a smile to my face, because it looks like a promotional piece asking for donations to the Save Jamie fund. I’m sure the man isn’t wanting in that area…




4. Speaking of workaday joys, this ducky family trying to get into Oxford University Press really got my goat. They tried the main gate first before waddling over to this smaller entrance. I was half hoping someone would let them in, but sadly they went away empty-han… er empty-winged!




5.  We had the Philosopher’s older brother and family with us for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed a punt down the Thames. Punting (if you’re a novice, it’s more like bumper-boating) with a four-year-old is four times the fun! The university looks so beautiful from the river.




6. Finally: this, from Blenheim. Love it. Who are they hoping the gate will keep out, exactly?


blenheim 14





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