This is our England.



Sadly, it looks like “our England” is just about out of the World Cup.

But it’s not over yet! the pundits are telling us. If Italy win all of their games, we could still sneak in under the wire!

Hope springs eternal only occasionally in this country, almost exclusively surrounding football. And when it does, they don’t hold back one bit.




It’s quite fun to watch our usually reserved adopted nation go. absolutely. bonkers.




I’ve been what they call a World Cup Widow ever since opening day a couple weeks ago.  (Truth be told, I’ve watched at least part of a game myself most days so far, but the opportunity to call myself a World Cup Widow was just too dramatic to pass by.)




We shared a giggle over this newspaper that popped through our mailbox. It really is exemplary of the kind of unbiased reporting that surrounds the English national team.




It really is fantastic. And I mean that in the truest sense of the word.

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