Sizergh What?

Last stop in the Lakes was Sizergh Castle, a massive medieval house in the southeast corner of the national park.




Sizergh Castle has been around since the 12th century. It’s easy to just toss around that fact but… 12th century?! That’s ancient. So many of the National Trust properties are 17th, 18th, or 19th century constructions. The 12th century was a looooong time before that.




What’s especially cool about Sizergh is that it has been inhabited by the same family, the Strickland, for nine centuries (that’s 900 years, folks). The current owner, an octogenarian, still lives onsite, and will pass the property on to her eldest son.




The bees were a highlight – especially given our bee crisis. There was a funny sign warning us not to touch the bees, as if it were a common misconception that bees are  gentle loving creatures who liked to be pet.






The gardens were a highlight in full bloom.







As were the free range hens. The Philosopher tried the best to join the herd. Looks like Sizergh hens may have a new breed contender.





The “art exhibit” was called the Woollen Woods. People knit things that are meant to mimic naturally occurring tree stuff – like apples, or butterflies.




And then there were the dolls. This was incredibly creepy.





We took frequent breaks for the Philosopher to rest his post-hiking bones.




And I found a me-sized door! Finally! This was a big deal and I spent a few minutes just marvelling at the beauty of it.





This was the walk where we ran through the Jane Austen characters and picked our favorite heart-throbs. The Phil goes for Emma, every time. And I’m a Mr Knightley girl. So I guess that means we’re made for each other.




All in all, a great trip!





2 thoughts on “Sizergh What?

  1. what a beautiful find, yes it is ancient. what construction and character, the stairwell caught my eye. just glorious gardens and so well maintained, incredible really. you both look lovely and fit in perfectly.

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