More Please Mondays

1. Question one: Is 10am too early to break open a chocolate bar on a weekday? Question two: if said bar is dark chocolate mint, can I count it as part of my daily antioxidant consumption?! In any case… more please.



2.  As we inch towards the end of this old PhD, quality time together can be scarce. We are thankful for it when we get it… in black and white, apparently. More please!




3. The Philosopher has almost completed his first fully self-designed and taught lecture series… so I bought him a coffee machine to celebrate. “Just what I always wanted,” he said, and then, “more please.”




4. The sun has mostly not shone this past month, but when it does, I  become a madwoman. Peter found me lying on the floor in the kitchen the other day, “sunbathing” in the narrow stripe of sun that filters through our window as it wasn’t quite warm enough to be outside. Oxford is so beautiful in the sun – and thankfully we’ve just had 3 days of it in a row!




5. The Novel Ideas are another fantastic band to emerge from my old hometown, Boston. Just discovered them. What do you think?

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