More Please Mondays

1. In our 5 years in the UK, we have fallen in love with the beautiful countryside. Luckily, we’ve managed to spread quite a decent network around England, and so take advantage of excuses to drive around in our trusty Nissan Note as much as possible. Cambridge – where my college roommate and favorite historian lives – is always a treat. It’s superficially similar to Oxford of course, but feels very different – more bucolic, less highly strung. The Historian’s just moved into a beautiful 3-story townhouse complete with a mini raised back porch where me and Mr Kitty (a cat with a passport – true story) sunned ourselves before the rain came.


2. The Historian made THE MOST AMAZING CAKE EVER WHICH WASN’T EVEN A CAKE REALLY! Wow. She knows how to treat a gal (to Ina Garten’s Icebox Cake). Seriously, I can’t wait to eat it again – I might have to make it this weekend. More please! 


3. My dream came true! Disney may have misled us all those years ago, but every once in a while it really does happen. As soon as I found out that one of my very good friends was due to have her first child on April 24th, I crossed my fingers and toes for a late delivery (cruel, I know). And guess what? Her daughter was born on my birthday four days later! As of tomorrow, she is 3 weeks old. I wish we could remember being that tiny.

4. I just finished loading all of my recipes onto Springpad, and I highly recommend it. The loading process may be boring, but the finished product really does mimic a paper recipe book better than any other free service I’ve seen! You can check out my collection at: and maybe think about starting your own (then share it with me, of course).

5. This tea is one of the all-time best! Cardamom ranks very highly on the top spices of all time too.


6. Can’t get enough of this aria – famous for a reason. I may have woken the neighbors blasting it in the morning this week. Whoops.



5 thoughts on “More Please Mondays

  1. Grandad would have been in seventh heaven listening to this. In fact that could well be what he’s doing right now!!!

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