More Please…er… Tuesdays

1. Philosophical food – takes longer to cook than most (the amount of thinking involved would shock you) but it is oh so good. The Phil has agreed to take on one meal a week. So far he’s dished up only the best!

bday dinner

2. New cookbooks (Thanks Phil!)


3. New earrings (thanks Violinist!)


4. Empty train stations – fully 6 long empty platforms at Nuneaton station. It was sort of exciting to have the train whoosh by and grind to a stop, open all of its many doors, and then who stepped on? Just me! I’m either train royalty, or so people-repellent that no one wants to ride with me. Hmm.

train station

5. Enjoying this music, a little.


4 thoughts on “More Please…er… Tuesdays

  1. I know bragging isn’t nice but I can tell you that Engineered Food (its so much better than it sounds) is a nice balance between the thought provoking ideas that go into Phil Food with the comfort level of Pastoral Food. By the by, it’s nice to know train royalty, your highness.

  2. A Thankful Reader — it DOES sound good! I bet Engineered Food is fairly imaginative while maintaining its structural identity (unlike the layer cake I attempted this weekend…!)

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