Birthdays are weird

Words of wisdom: birthdays are weird.

This isn’t a novel concept, I realize, but don’t you agree? I mean, I may have been born on April 29th so many moons ago, but I have never presumed to take credit for it. The heroic act was certainly not mine, but certainly my mother’s. And as far as celebration goes, I’m pretty sure that at the exact time of my birth, in the throes of labor,  The Violinist was in no mood to don a party hat and blow out candles. She may even have been regretting her decision to invite me into the world! In any case, the last person who deserved presents and cake after all was said and done in that Boston hospital was the babe in question.

So, I propose a change to the status quo: how about we celebrate mothers on their children’s birthdays?! Violinist – expect a present in the post soon 🙂



3 thoughts on “Birthdays are weird

  1. Brilliant idea! Every “child” on this earth then has a lot of catch up to do.
    By the way – it was worth all the effort 27 years ago, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, but fortunately no-one is asking me to to that!

  2. I had the pleasure of seeing said Violinist today and surely should have sung a hearty “Having Given Birth Day” song to her. (Now there’s a marketable idea for you musicians) Okay, anyone who has heard me sing knows full well I do not possess even an inkling of musical talent so that could have been worse than any labor pangs she may have experienced 27 years ago. What I should have done, however, is thank her for bringing such joy into all of our lives. Happy, Happy Birthday!

  3. Sarah, what a lovely idea………………though you should celebrate you as well, a great addition to our world. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY……………..It was wonderful to see you and meet your husband, Peter.

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