More Please Mondays

1. Yellow are my favorite color flowers, I think. Though it’s a tough call between those purply ones with the yellow spot in the middle. Shoot…what are they called again? I’m not sure Google will help given such a paltry description/search term! In any case: more yellow, please.


2. More train journeys. I’m lucky not to have to take any motor-based transport on a daily basis; I’m sure that some of you out there dread the thought of clambering onto a train or bus. But whether it’s just novelty speaking or not, I love a good train journey in England – especially in the rain! Gets one feeling all Jane Eyreish, with a heavy dose of Wuthering Heights. Britain has, I think, an unbeatably poetic landscape.


3. Got a great big chuckle out of this one. I’d love to drive a SMART car one day. I imagine it’s a bit like being on a motorized, covered, bicycle, able to weave in and out and around but at constant risk of being squashed by bigger vehicles. Hmm – maybe not so fun as at first thought. I wonder if you’d elect to wear a helmet.


4. This isn’t my favorite Sleepy Eyed Fox song but I’ve been enjoying them on Spotify lately. I like the ending a lot.


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