Springy glow

Well, my American friends, England has done it. A full week of glorious sunshine from morning to dusk!


I think that just about sets us up to be content despite a few months of rain. Or maybe just one month. Or several days, at least.


The swans have been so alarmed they’ve taken to the bushes and shrubs — trying to create some shade that mimics their usual cloudy environment, I wager. Or maybe they get sunburnt.


I even got a smile out of the Phil!!! You’re doing something right, England!


We even had to wink against the glare, believe it or not…


It is so lovely in the evenings when there is a warm spring glow to usher out the day. Just can’t get enough.

I feel like that should be a hash tag.

Yes, let’s do it.


You don’t do apostrophes in hashtags, right?



Please tell me if you know. What’s the deal with apostrophes these days? Are they in or out?! All of a sudden I feel like I want to keep up with the kids.

Sun must have gone to my head.

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