Sing your heart out

We capped our American adventure with an evening I will never forget: the Bakestress’ Masters recital! She killed it, to borrow a modern phrase, and to borrow another — the crowd went wild.

Everything was awesome.*


The Violinist threw an after-party befitting our future star. She pulled off this feat (replete with Bakestress cookies, of course) during a weekend when she had two concerts of her own.


People often tell us we look alike – well, I can only hope you think I look like her in this picture. Stunner!

And I got my dimples from this guy – the Chocolaholic, in the flesh.


Someone put us in charge of pouring the wine — bad idea! The formerly white tablecloth was stained red by yours truly in a matter of seconds. Apparently I lack good “pour and twist” technique. At least I now know this flaw and will never accept a pouring assignment again!


The Bakestress got praise and a little finger-wagging (presumably for not warning everyone to bring tissues, which would have been useful during her stirring renditions of the sad pieces), from friends old and new.

you are awesome

The Philosopher even met someone who knew a recently deceased philosophical giant at Harvard who heavily influenced 20th century moral and political philosophy. He was like…”you knew John WHO?!” and proceeded to gulp down the rest of his wine and blink his eyes rapidly in disbelief.  You can see him mid-blink below. I am trying to cover for his awestruck visage with excessive smiling. Sort of worked.

jack who

And after so many years, this humble blogger finally got to see a faithful reader again – Ex Tex in Lex – who graciously provided the photography for the evening, displayed here. Thanks Diane!


And of course, thanks to the Bakestress for putting on such a great show — same time, same place, next year?!


*You saw that movie, right?

3 thoughts on “Sing your heart out

  1. What a great recap of an amazing evening filled with sounds and sights of pure love!!

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