More Please Mondays

1)      Loved beating jet lag so quickly this week! Thank you, sunshine, for waking me up in the morning naturally. I remember when we first moved to England, freshly married and living it up in the Wheatley Travelodge, we had to get up early every day to look at flats. Waking up was physically painful — like dragging oneself up from the bottom of a well filled with pillows and lavendar bunches and beachy breezes (er… i.e. a wonderful place) by the nails on one’s fingers. Less metaphorically: it sucked. I don’t know what’s changed but the mornings are a piece of cake now compared to 5 years ago. More PLEASE.

2)      Heard this guy on American Songwriter’s daily discovery and bopped my head along happily for 4 minutes or so. Do you like it?

3)      Bluebell memories in Texas. Anyone want to go bluebell chasing in England with us?


4)      Bicycles! Love cycling again, especially as the sun dips down warmly at the end of the workday. It quite invigorates a body. More, please. (Don’t worry Mom, I’m not actually cycling in this picture – stationary!)


5)      Happy flying. We all (basically) hate the hassle of flying, right? Well, I loved the JetBlue ground crew who sent us off so well from DFW – their signs said “JetBlue + DFW loves you” and “Y’all Come Back!”. Some corporate bigwig probably twisted their arms to do it but… it worked. I started a long bumpy flight with a giggle. (Hmm – name of my first children’s music album?!)


6) Finally, I can’t get enough of my philosopher’s new glasses. Definitely philosochic, don’t you think?



2 thoughts on “More Please Mondays

  1. My bicycle made it out of the basement finally – 70 degrees!! I’ll take more Mondays like this one – in fact any day of the week!

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