…and, we’re back!

As I believe I’ve said before, the shock of the day flight from Boston to London is how sunny England actually is above the cloudline.

S’a shame about those clouds, really.

That said, spring is in full bloom here and we’re trying not to think about Texas too much. Though the occasional thought does jump unbidden into the mind at random times of the day.

Like I’ll be folding laundry and all of a sudden WHERE ARE THE TACOS!?

Or cycling into work and then WHY DON’T I HAVE A DISHWASHER!?

Even when on the phone to a client, all of a sudden something inside shouts MY TOES! FROZEN! MY TOES!

I try to move on in those moments but it’s tough. Especially the toes bit.

Then I walk around Hinksey Park and see this:


And I remember that there is beauty to be found in every part of creation.*

*though dishwashers are not guaranteed

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