Thank you, Austin

Last workday here in Austin. Weekend filled with packing and eating everything in the house ahead (actually, that last bit sounds pretty good).

We’ll miss this place of sunshine and warmth and good food. Our melancholy has been perfectly accompanied by breathtakingly golden sunsets for our last few days here. It’s the aching-beautiful melancholy that C.S. Lewis describes as our inbuilt longing for heaven. Sort of hurts and heals at the same time.

I went walking in the sharp evening light yesterday and willed my brain to grow a photographic memory so I could store up this feeling for especially cloudy English days. Sadly, my memory is one of the weakest parts of this old brain. Soon I’ll have forgotten about the way warm wind feels on bare legs, and what a really good taco tastes like – or Five Guys fries, or American thin-crust, or pulled pork – and what sunny evenings bring out in Americans (spontaneous salsa dancing, live outdoor concerts, porch-swing dessert hour, frisbee till dark: fun). Hopefully I’ll have forgotten because of different enchanting things back home, like Cotswold stone, and misty sunrises, and friendship (late-night games, Sunday walks, breakfast parties: love).

Thankfully, we managed to snap a few pictures of happy times over the last 3 months, to remind us when our photographic memories fail.

selfie ps 6
Sampling at Whole Foods
Working out - rock-hard abs!
Working out – rock-hard abs!
Watching Arsenal FC lose. Again.
Watching Arsenal FC lose. Again.
selfie ps 3
Ice cream run.
selfie ps 1
Frozen yogurt excitement.
selfie ps 2
Live music evening.

It’s been a wild ride, Texas. Thanks for being so good to us.

Home, James!


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Austin

  1. Thanks for letting us share some of your time in Austin through words and pics. Only sad we didn’t get to see you there in person.

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