More Please Mondays

1. Pi Day was a little while ago now, but I was proud of my invention – pie crust filled with blueberries, chia seeds (omega 3, duh), chocolate and a tiny bit of demerara. Passed the Philosopher Test – he found it a sufficiently rational combination and commenced eating it with unreserved gusto.

pi day

2. Saying goodbye to the sunny skies is tough. I am looking up at every moment. More please! I need to store up my vitamin D!


3. We thought Jiffy cornbread mix made the best banana pancakes ever. But we were wrong. Hello, Trader Joe’s Multigrain pancake mix! These have been our consolation for the last several Saturdays when Arsenal has been tanking before our eyes…


4. One last week of everything cheap. Hipster coffee may out-cool us, but it sure beats a £7 ($11) Starbucks work date in the UK. Same goes for this $1.20 cup of frozen yogurt. More please!


ice cream

5. Finished draft 1 of the mystery novel the Phil and I started brainstorming 2 years ago. 186 pages later, I have a feeling there are some major plot holes, character inconsistencies (including possible name changes for the same guy), and leaps of reason. Hmm. Perhaps I should just move on to the next big project rather than trying to salvage this one… But still. I did it!

6. Enjoying this talented teen very much. Only 19! Wow.


6 thoughts on “More Please Mondays

  1. Don’t give up on that mystery novel…. too many of us are eagerly waiting to read it.
    I’ll miss your blogs about the sunny Texas sky while I look forward to your international blogs once again.

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