Near-10 Year Reunion

When I remind the Philosopher that his 10-year university reunion is coming up, his face blanches and he disagrees vehemently.

It’s fully 14 months away, after all.

A mini reunion came to us a couple weeks ago bringing the Phil’s 4 best friends from Yale. I know one of them well — this great guy (who would like to be known as the Buff One, but as a nickname I’ll call him the Visionary ) who served as trip photographer and graciously permitted me to steal his photos for this post:

jacques glamour

The others (plus one spouse and toddler, and various family members extended) I know hardly at all, and it was a blast changing that state of affairs in a city as vibrant as Austin. The Phil was a happy man, after seeing his old pal the Carpe Deist again.



There were lots of taco fests.


Lots of working around a certain cute 1-year-old’s nap schedule… which meant a lot of arguing decision-making. The Philosopher believes he has a special gift in this area.


…which I love to smirk at observe in action.


I’ve always thought follow-the-leader was a more educational game for adults than for children anyway.


We loved every minute of having everyone around. I think the Philosopher will agree with me when I say: let’s not wait another 9 years before doing it again!




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