More Please Mondays

1. With only two weeks to go in Texas, we can’t get enough of this big blue sky. More please.


2. I’d love to see more hilariously named commercial enterprises before we go back to the land of the King’s Arms and White Horse/Chapel/Flag. I particularly love Austin’s “Donut Taco Palace 1” and sister act “Donut Taco Palace 2”. I’m guessing they sell tacos and donuts.

3. More cheap eats please! We’ve recently enjoyed an Indian buffet lunch for only $12, and two tacos al pastor for $4, and of course bottomless refills of drinks everywhere. It’s been so good that the Phil has decided to self-impose a diet after 3 months of cheap eats. Strangely, the start date of said diet keeps getting pushed farther and farther back. Presumably for some inscrutable philosophical reason.

4. Enjoying this recent if rather odd discovery…Lucius. Another interesting band bred in Boston.

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