An Acronym Challenge

H-E-B is a major Texan grocery chain. They just about rival Whole Foods for store per square mile here in Austin (and that’s saying something).

Before an enterprising friend of ours took the initiative to look up what H-E-B actually stands for, we crowd-sourced possible answers from various visitors over the last few months.

Here are a few favorites:

Hello, Eager Buyers!

Helping Everyone Bulge

Hallelujah, Epicurean Bites!

Heralding Each Buyer

Have Everything Better

Sadly, the real answer is Howard Edward Butt.

Not kidding.

I think we should write in with suggestions for an official name change.

Suggestions, anyone? H-E-B…. Happy n’ Eatable n’ Bright?



3 thoughts on “An Acronym Challenge

  1. Depending on the type of market – “Healthy Eaters Beware” or “Heavenly Expectations Beyond”
    “Hello, Eager Bon vivants”

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