Hip and Hot


It’s hot and ultra hip. And Austinites looooove it. We’ve been trying to blend in so have frequented multiple Yelp-rated establishments all over Austin. It’s been fun – and occasionally intimidating. Actually, mostly intimidating. Despite buying the Phil. the most hipstery glasses ever for Christmas (photo forthcoming; I know his many fans are dying to see them), we are having to fact the facts here in Austin. We don’t know the first thing about being hip. Or about coffee.

But it sure is fun faking it.

tazza fresca

La Tazza Fresca is just down the street from us and we love this place! Some great philosophy gets done there over a nutty, aromatic latte. Added bonus for this MWG… they have 5 (yes, 5!) Internet routers so I can get my online work done super zippily. Unlike most other places we’ve visited, the atmosphere is down-to-earth. People, like, talk here. The prices are good and the tables plenty. This one’s a winner.

Hipster place

This coffeeshop is so hipster it doesn’t even have a name. Or at least, not one I can remember. It is in a warehouse that looks abandoned, in the middle of other abandoned warehouses that really are abandoned, and one of its building says COFFEE HOUSE on the side. It’s actually a distribution and training center for baristas and new coffee shop ventures in Central Texas, but they have a little espresso machine inside and serve specialty drinks to a steady stream of long-bearded men wearing green jeans. I accidentally dumped too much cinnamon into my tiny macchiato, above, and ruined the foam art. I tried to hide my grievous error from Taylor, the barista (also wearing a beard and green jeans), behind the porridge pyramid. Still…cinnamon and coffee are a great combination.

vintage heart

Vintage Heart had some hipster quirks that I actually liked… colorful napkins rather than paper-based products, and a nifty mason jar approach to iced drinks. But they fairly sneered at my request for decaf. I ducked my head in shame, and mumbled that caf would do me fine. I tried to put on a brave face…

happy face

…and ended up looking drugged.

Oh well!

What’s your favorite coffee place? Can YOU take a macchiato without cinnamon?


4 thoughts on “Hip and Hot

  1. I have a new fav place in Arlington center. “Kickstand Cafe” (it’s near the bike path). Very good coffee and an abundance of tea – plus – at least 4 types of scones! And, according to the Chocoholic, the best sticky buns ever, and ne’er a flake of chocolate in sight.

  2. I get a senior citizen’s coffee at McDonald’s (a stylish Scottish place found only in Manassas, I believe) for only $0.65 without even having to show my ID! I feel so hip just being there!

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