Am I Getting Better? 3.0

His wit like sparkling diamonds
My feet like melted wax
I kept myself in darkness
Oh how I wish to take it back

In the courtyard in the half light
He extended shaking hand
Said he’d love me for my laughter
And besides my face was not too bad

I was a fool to let it go
I was a fool to say I didn’t know
Even the sharpest heart can mistake one of its own

With a will like sparking flintstone
And a weakness for the West
She’s the friend I never asked for
So I kept my heart locked in my chest

In the bitter light of morning
She confronted my defense
Said she loved me but could never
Settle for so much less than my best

Then was Julia, and there’s Jackson
Also Sam and even Ben
One by one they’re marching past me
To receive a judgment on their head

In the mountains and their glory
In the gardens of delight
I remember all the voices
Of the ones who tried to give me life

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