More Please Mondays

1. Trader Joe’s pie crusts. I may have possibly accidentally sort of used a sweet pie crust for these kale pies. There were blueberries on the packet.  However, it was a fortuitous error. Sweet crust with vegetable parmy filling turns out to be a fantastic combo. More please!


2. Live music! More more more more please! Especially for $10 or less. The Vespers sang the house down with their soulful belting vocals and mandolins as a rock n’ roll instrument. The Gray Havens were cute (picture below) too. I think they need a full band, but hey, they’re just starting out. You can hear their first album here, full of simple chord progressions and complicated lyrical narrative:


3. Statues. I love sculpture. I actually think it may be my favorite fine art, especially in bronze. Also, do I look like a tourist here or what?

2014-02-21 02.23.21

4. Texas is big sky country, right? Right. Mmm.


5. And you might enjoy this from The Vespers. They sang an acoustic version live which was also a treat.

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