These guys.

These guys. Man oh man, as the Bakestress and I used to say.

selfie 2

Turns out a 4-person selfie is a real struggle, especially for the unfortunate person taking the photo (hint, the awkward-looking one bottom left). I didn’t care though.

selfie 1

It was worth every bad photo just to laugh together.


The Songstress (center, above) and my two other world changing friends – the Polymath Engineer (with cool aviators) and the Malaria Warrior (the giggler two pictures up) – flew from all corners of the US to adventure in Austin with me last weekend. I need to work on my epithet skillz.


We were at Yale together many moons ago. When we were there, we did a lot of late night philosophizing, cupcake eating, apple picking, game playing, experimental hair cutting (THAT turned out well), song composing, transformational praying, and the very very occasional study session. To be honest I can’t really remember any of that but I’m sure there was one. Or two. We all graduated with flying colors, somehow. 

kayak 1


I don’t believe we ever kayaked, however. Too cold in Connecticut.

kayak 2

But when it’s 80 degrees in February, there’s no excuse NOT to hit the water. Turns out I love kayaking. Who knew.

kayak 3

Within a few hours of being together, we’d formed an up and coming band, with a killer name: Sarah and the Free Radicals. The above pic is me with Free Radical No. 2. She helped me write our first big single, “Hit the Kettle”. It’s got sort of a Stevie Wonder meets Barney feel. We’ll get round to recording it one of these days.

turtle 2

We never turtle-watched in Connecticut either. Huh.

turtle 1

“I’m king of the mountain!” That guy on the bottom was just desperate to get out. He was grabbing on to the pole and pulling with all his might. Which, turns out, is not all that mighty. Oh, Bakestress, you would have died laughing. I almost did.


With the help of these three, I finally found good ice cream! Thank you, Lick on South Lamar. Though the scoopers did look perplexed when I asked for jimmies. Thankfully the Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil and Sea Salt tasted just fine without them.


At first, we were a little overwhelmed by 7 Yorkies belonging to the Songstress’ cousin. But we soon wrangled them into a photo against their doggie wills. Philosopher… I think I’m ready for a puppy now. See, I got mine to look at the camera!


Besides the Yorkies, I also bonded with this beauty at the free Cowboy Breakfast (tacos, sausage, pancakes and donuts, of course.) She wouldn’t meet my eye but I’m pretty sure we had a connection.

whole foods

After the Songstress and Engineer left us, I had one more luxurious day with the Warrior. Our leisure activity of choice was, naturally, fruit-finding at Whole Foods. She’s the cutest. And it’s her birthday today! Happy birthday, Malaria Warrior! KILL that malaria, chca!

I’ve been mopey all week without you, friends. Come to Oxford soon. It’s no fun without you.


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