More Please Mondays

1. Ceiling fans. When it’s this warm but still only February, it doesn’t feel like putting the A/C on is ethically permissible. We have a ceiling fan in the bedroom but not in the…other-everything-room where most of life, and importantly cooking, happens. More please! (Don’t get mad, people in snowmageddons, that it’s nearly 80 degrees here. Your time will come.)

2. Cafe au Laits. I go through phases of drinking and not drinking coffee (and of spelling phase like fase, but thankfully I’m not in one of those phunks at the mo’). Free weekends are currently spent working with the Phil. at local hipster coffee joints, so it’s a good thing I’m totally digging Cafe au Laits again, with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar on top. The one drawback is that when I ask for decaf , I have to shield myself from looks of pity and contempt from the barista. So the Cafe au Lait is a partially mixed bag. But, I think I still want more.

p.s. When I search Google Images for pics of C.a.Ls, lots of naked bodies sporting their birth marks come up; a) what am I missing here and b) I’m afraid of searching Google Images.

3. Speaking of weekend work, I’m back on a roll writing the ill-advised murder mystery novel, with or without the Philosopher by my authorial side. It is a pretty fun weekend diversion, but having several unfinished novels from fourth grade until now hanging over my conscience is getting tiresome. Every character deserves a resolution. I’m going to finish it. I’m going to finish it. Hopped up on Cafe au Laits, I’m going to finish it! More creativity, ambition, and grit, please.

4. Speaking of mysteries, this song is a mystery. Why do I simultaneously like and dislike it? Thoughts? Contributions? Deducements from all you musical Sherlocks?

5. The Philosopher’s and my freckles are blooming/erupting/gracing/disgracing us again, giving us both the distinct impression of a tan. Oh, it’s quite distinct. You’d definitely notice. More please, heavens!

6 thoughts on “More Please Mondays

  1. Several mixed thoughts on that song. Bit honky-tonk and yet I like some of the earthiness of it. Not a fan of a song where the lead, male, singer basically sings at the same pitch as the women – i.e too high and we women end up in our boots or trying to shriek along with the leader. Is that a tuba I hear…?

    I’m all for freckles. In honor of Allie’s birthday yesterday we watched “baby no 2” movies and I had a lot of freckles around Feb 16, 1989.

    Harking back to fav romantic movies, it seems a poll in the Boston Globe chose “Serendipity” as best romantic comedy. And no, the Phil can’t add any more to his already rather large list!

  2. love the praise tone of the song and I like the earthiness as well as message.

    freckles are so sweet looking……………happy belated birthday day to your sister, Allie.

    my favorite movie these days is Country Strong, good acting, love the music, love country………… can’t think of other movies that stick with me at the moment.

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