Help: I need new podcasts!

I am an avowed podcast listener. Whenever there’s something I don’t want to do, I plug in the earbuds and get cleaning/exercising/running errands/you get the picture.

But like most people, I’m pretty reactive when it comes to pop culture. I come half a decade late to the game to all-time greats like This American Life, RadioLab,The Moth, and Planet Money. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re a decade late and need to get on that.

The problem with arriving late where podcasts are concerned is that you then have a long, long list of episodes to catch up on. And if you are as list obsessed as I am, it’s a challenge that simply can’t be passed over. EVERY EPISODE MUST BE LISTENED TO IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER BEFORE LISTENING TO A NEW ONE!!!

I’m already afraid for my future children.

Anyway, after several years of listening, I am finally caught up. I have no new episodes in my iTunes. It feels pretty good. There’s only one problem.

The house is dirty. There are chores to be done.

I need help. For the sake of our dust allergies, recommend me some new podcasts — pretty please?

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