More Please Mondays

1.  Thesis updates. I’m quite enjoying them these days, though I could’t possibly repeat a word of them. All top-secret (and not-able-to-be-understood-by-the-“man-on-the-street”-aka-me). It’s nice when the Philosopher has good news to report. More please, mate!

2. Not sure about their music on the whole, but The Staves have got me with this one! Very unique.

3. Sunny weekends. I’ll take a cloudy, grey week if I have to. It’s so lovely to sit outside at a coffee shop in February. More please, Texas.

4. Frisbee. For many years the Phil and I have driven around with a Frisbee in the car, just in case. We even brought it with us all the way from Oxford. We’ve never used it. We’re crazy like that. BUT! We bucked the trend yesterday and spent half an hour polishing our backhands in the park next to some people who were practicing tightrope walking. Keep Austin weird…

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