His and Hers: The Preamble

Bloggers are always starting new “series” (or “serieses”, as the Phil. likes to say, superciliously. And yes, I realize the use of that adjective may sound supercilious.)

It’s generally recommended as a good way to fill out an ailing blogging calendar, or to trick other people into writing posts for you.

So I want to be clear. “His and Hers” isn’t a series.

But it may not be a one-off. Let me explain.

Both the Philosopher and I grew ourselves up on books. Books are how I know words like supercilious (aren’t I smart?). Books are why the Phil. has such high requirements for a sentence that his thesis is a) baller b) long and c) possibly never going to be finished.

Just kidding, I hope.

Reading books is something we both love but rarely do nowadays, at least in comparison to our voracious younger selves. And part of the reason for that is that when you have limited leisure time to spend with one another, reading’s not really a joint activity.

Or… is it?

I’ve had many hairbrained schemes over the years to try to introduce a little literary romance into our dynamic duo.

There were the numerous occasions I tried to coax the Phil. into reading his college essays to me — college essays, may I add, that were highly regarded by his professor, the lauded author Anne Fadiman. Oh, and then that year when it was my dying wish for us to do live readings of Shakespeare’s comedies, with the two of us voicing all parts. And there was of course last year’s ill-fated attempt at jointwriting a murder mystery.

I felt like an idiot when I realized just before Christmas that I’ve never yet tried the oldest trick in the book world: the book club.


The Philosopher has tentatively agreed to join me on this journey in 2014, and this time, I’m learning my lesson and keeping ambitions small. My goal is for us to read 5 books across different genres, and discuss it here.

Yes, you lucky folks, you heard me. Right here. On this blog. You will be the silent members of our book club (though I would encourage liberal commenting.) Don’t thank me, don’t thank me — I know. It’s an honor.

We will roll out Episode 1 of “His and Hers” this week with a lively discussion of last year’s chart-topping thriller, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

So, silent members, three questions for you. Break your silence to respond, if you dare.

1. Have you read it?

2. Did you love it/like it/feel conflicted about it/want to burn it?

3. Would you rather see Gillian spelled with a G or a J?

9 thoughts on “His and Hers: The Preamble

  1. Read it. Was conflicted. didn’t love it. Anxious to hear what you think. Check web site of radio show on NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Gilliam Flynn was a guest on July 12. Fun interview.

  2. At the risk of sounding supercilious, I must say that I have not had time to indulge in reading Gone Girl. I’m still working on The Little Engine That Could. But I do so love your blogs. Keep ’em coming.

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