Am I getting any better?

One week of practicing later

Fear’s a funny creature when she dresses like a child
With her wild imagination that can fool the feeble heart
When she leads you by the hand, you’re already gone

Fear’s a fatal mistress who has got a point to prove
With her smoky eyes she beckons you to step out of the truth
Oh the secrets she will tell about when and how you’ll die

Oh – will you be the one to let her go?
Oh – will you be the one?

Fear’s a careless mother in a pair of killer heels
She will dress you up and show you how fantastic you could feel
If you’d only done things well, you might have won

Fear is at her strongest when she suits up like a man
When she twists you by the arm till you concede the master plan
And believe that everyone has left you on your own

9 thoughts on “Am I getting any better?

  1. Grabbed by this one. A great combo of weightiness & delicacy! This is the beginning of a beautiful (instrument-person) relationship!

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