House Hunting

One of my favorite pastimes of an afternoon is a little activity I like to misname “house hunting”.

When most people house hunt, they are doing so in order to buy a house — or so HGTV leads me to believe. House hunting involves a real estate agent, or at the very least a modest cash kitty.

We are so far away from that point in life it’s not even funny.

When we house hunt, we we mean that we grab a camera, and go hunting for the most unique house on the block. The most beautiful ‘bode on the street. The weirdest shack we can find. 

So much of my daily life is about glossing over the details. I squeeze my eyes shut against the flow of depressing world news. I skim articles longer than two paragraphs. I tune out my roommate more often than I care to admit.

But there a few things in my life where I can’t ignore the details – physically, I can’t not pay attention.

Music is one of those things. I can’t multitask with music. After a few minutes I realize I’m so taken by the harmonies, chord changes, vocal line and lyrics that I haven’t absorbed a single word of the email before me (or, worse, have actually started to type out the lyrics rather than my intended words – am I alone in that?!).

Same too with any creative task, like designing a brochure or writing copy. At work I sometimes literally have to ask my colleagues – “did you say something?” – because I vaguely heard myself breathing five minutes back.

Houses are like that too. I’m an absolute terror when driving in new residential places. The Philosopher has to keep a close eye on the road for me.

Austin’s great for house hunting.

You have to watch out for the the disappearing sidewalks though. And the trees.


green house


pointy house

What are your focus-grabbing things?

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