More Please Mondays

What I’m digging today:

1) The Milk Carton Kids:

2) Ben & Jerry’s, this kind:


3) Barn dancing. It can’t touch CEROC or swing but it’s a sweet way to spend a Wednesday night without the Phil.

4) Good explanations. It’s really a gift – not one that I have, mind you. My Philosopher explained American football to me for the ninth time en route to Dallas yesterday morning, and guess what? I understood! Unfortunately the surprise safety at the start of the match wasn’t in my vocabulary so I spent the first 10 minutes feeling a little lost.

5) The Bletchley Circle – a creative new BBC take on the classic crime genre. We’re only one episode in, but it’s an enjoyable ride so far. More please!

5 thoughts on “More Please Mondays

  1. I like the “sound” of the Milk Carton Kids.
    Bletchley Circle is a welcome change I agree
    American Football took a bit of a beating last night I think, well at least from one team’s point of view!

  2. Ok, so I hate to break it to you, MWG, but there is no such thing as an American football “match”. It’s called a game. You’re showing your true footy colours there, I’m afraid.

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