Invasion of the Thinker

This time last weekend, The Thinker and I had accidentally joined a government protest in front of the Texas Capitol building.

That was just one of the many adventures I shared with this wonderful woman.

Like dogspotting…

dogs collage



Epic bananagrams – I think we played a 45 minute game. “Sluggard” and “ferociously” were definite highlights.


Multiple “stop taking pictures of me or else I’ll stick my face in your lens” reels.

stop taking pictures!stop taking photos 2We toured UT’s campus for a bit and were just emerging when we heard an eerie male voice drawing near. We looked around for its source – a tour guide perhaps, or bus megaphone? – but saw nothing. As we walked, the voice got louder and more distinctly Texan, but not a soul was around us.

We looked across the street and saw, on an isolated island of turf between busy streets, this structure.


Turns out that it is what you might call “a tourist attraction”, with narration on a loop.

It was very creepy.

We could only hope for the sake of vulnerable college freshman that the powers that be switch off the audio at night!

Believe it or not, I only managed to snap one photo of us together and it was this, er, beauty…

mirror shot

Yes folks, a photo of us very awkwardly posing in front of the reflective business school.

We did manage to squeeze in a few Austin highlights — like drinks at the dive bar Shakespeare’s where “what is a soul” was appropriately discussed; 12 Years a Slave at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema which serves you dinner during your movie; amazing midnight tacos at the creatively named El Taquito restaurant…ah, I’m getting all misty-eyed just thinking about it!

Thank you, Thinker, for so much goodness and fun.




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