Welcome to the World, New Baby

Just kidding!

(heh heh heh)

About a week ago my final Christmas present/first birthday present arrived: a real guitar. I’ve been trying to learn on a very cheap toy guitar with nylon strings which drive me crazy and begged-cajoled-bribed the Philosopher to consider an upgrade as gift season rolled around.

He obliged. I think it was the cookie bribe that did it.

She’s a beaut – and at 3/4 size, also very cute:


Upon finishing the excellent though ratherun redemptive The Things They Carried  I wrote a little song in response and took her on her maiden recording voyage. Wanna hear?

*NB: Despite the new instrument, I’m still TERRIBLE at the guitar.

just a boy – so the story goes
from his soldier’s stare
to stories told
he’s singing in the dark
that cannonballs might miss their mark

and oh how mama cries
she drains her eyes out every night
that God might save the boy she made
and bless us all through love and war

just a girl, looks at what she’s done
sees the fallen man
and her warm gun
she’s weeping in the light
that someone tell her she did right

and oh how mama cries
she cannot see through swollen eyes
God please save the girl you gave
and teach us all the words to pray

grace rise us
love surprise us
and hope hold us
hold us

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