More Please Mondays

2012-2013 were the years of Monday Morning Blues.

But living in Austin, that just doesn’t seem appropriate. Plus there’s the whole turning over a new leaf thing that January always prompts.

So welcome to More Please Mondays.

Here’s a short list of things I’m digging these days.

1. Free stuff. There is so much free stuff going on in Austin! Museum visits, life-sized chess in the park, even free tango lessons (weirdly hosted every Tuesday by the Russian restaurant. Go figure), and even monthly events that are literally about free stuff. Like a flea market, but everything’s free.  I’ve very much enjoyed this so far. More please.


2. Driving in the US is not without it’s drawbacks but it has been awesome to remember what it’s like to roll down the windows and feel the wind rush by on my face. I am getting honked at a lot as I relearn the rules of the road. Or perhaps they just like my hair. I prefer to think of it like that.

3.  One of my best friends has been here with us this past weekend and it’s so wonderful.  She’s pretty inspiring, and has taken me on a few adventures these past few days. Despite her multiple attempts to bring me round to bourbon (blerrck), I will take more of The Thinker any day. Also, I’m wondering what it says about me that my two of my favorite people are The Philosopher and The Thinker?

Obviously, I need help. I’m an addict!

Me and The Thinker, circa 2005 (nearly a decade ago. double help.)

4. Great new music. The Oh Hello’s are out of this world. More please!

5. Hot dog rediscovery. Turns out the gourmet kind are actually really good. Frank’s is a new favorite!

What are your more-please-moments these days?


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