Down by Turkey Creek

It turns out that there aren’t any turkeys down by Turkey Creek.

But we liked it anyway. The sun shone bright and we tested our agility crossing the creek via slippery stepping stones and loose logs. One of us may have fallen in – maybe.


We met a few poodles, greyhounds, Great Danes, golden retrievers, and a trio of massive St Bernard’s along the way. They were pretty excited. We think they may have missed the memo about the lack of turkeys at Turkey Creek.


Our fellow hikers were young and old, tall and small, and included a teenager who was hiking with his friends while holding a basketball. The height of cool.

This MWG enjoyed multiple cactus sightings. I suppose the thrill will wear off at some point but…not yet, please, not yet.


After burning all those calories, what was there to do but to…?


3 thoughts on “Down by Turkey Creek

  1. Just to clarify: the modern working girl asked me to hold her ice cream cone while she took the picture. I did not order TWO ice creams–a cup and a cone–just for myself!

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